It is a concept of integrating smart manufacturing machinery, AI-powered Automation and advanced anayltics along with cutting-edge hardware to help make every worker and every factory more efficient.

The Industrial Internet of Things is used across several industries such as manufacturing (Industry 4.0), logistics, oil and gas, transportation, energy/utilities, mining and metals, aviation and other industrial sectors and use cases which are typical to these industries.

IIOT is basically a network of intelligent devices which are connected to form fine systems that monitor, collect, exchange and even analyze the date with perfection.

IIOT mainly focuses in the varied field of industrial control, automation, optimization, intelligent manufacturing and smart industry, asset performance management.

Below mentioned is our case study of an IIoT project that we’ve undertaken.

A hybrid solution involving a GSM Module and a web application is to be provided to
M/s IDMC for transmitting Alarm Annunciation for their Plant in Unit 4.
This Module shall be mounted in the Plant’s Panel, wired with the controlling unit
of panel and will transmit message when an alarm conditioning “ON” , to the register
Mobile No. and E-mail ID.